Surveillance Increase on Transportation and in City Centres

December 13, 2006

Dr Ken Sutherland, the corporate director for surveillance solutions at Telindus Surveillance Solutions, has predicted that the surveillance technology market will grow in two main areas in 2007 – transportation and city centres.

Growth in surveillance technology has been prompted by terrorist attacks such as the September 11th attacks in the USA in 2001 and the 7 July 2001 London bombings. However, a recent study – The Report on the Surveillance Society, produced by the Surveillance Studies Network for the Information Commissioner?s Office – identified strong concern about Britain becoming a ?surveillance society?.

Despite these concerns, Dr Sutherland expects the increase in the use of surveillance worldwide to continue in 2007.

He expects the amount of surveillance deployed on public transport to escalate, both for anti-terrorism purposes and to allay the general public’s concerns about safety.

According to Dr Sutherland the use of surveillance technology on transportation can significantly increase the speed at which a system is returned to operation if an incident does occur. Effective surveillance technology can help emergency services understand what, where and why an incident has occurred and ascertain the best method of response.

Dr Sutherland expects interest in city centre surveillance to spread globally, with increasing demand for an open and flexible system. He anticipates that transmitting video images to hand-held PDAs will become more widespread, with police and defence forces routinely carrying the devices. This will enable police to respond to events as they happen, significantly improving the safety of citizens.


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