The Xbox Ultimate with IPTV

January 3, 2008

The Xbox has been through a few stages of evolution over time with the 360 premium and not forgetting the all powerful elite version, both these machines have proved that this gaming machine is in fact much more than just a simple games console, although it has to be said that the Xbox does have one of the better games catalogue on the market today, but the new due to be out Xbox Ultimate will offer much more.

For Microsoft this new version of the Xbox represents the next stage of the Xbox featuring 1080p HDMI output, built-in Wi-Fi, hi-def audio output, HD DVD Drive, 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan and will effectively make all previous models obsolete, and hopefully for the company will give Sony’s PS3 a good run for its money too.

The Ultimate is probably going to be released towards the later part of 2008, but the wait will be worth it as the user will be able to record programmes from an IPTV service onto the 320 GB hard drive.


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