Mozilla recruits Humanized developers

Janet Harris

January 18, 2008

Mozilla recruits Humanized developers

Mozilla has recruited three executives from startup company, Humanized, leading to rumours of new user-interface technologies for its Firefox browser.

Mozilla has appointed Aza Raskin, former president of Humanized, as user experience lead for the Mozilla Labs team.

According to Raskin, he will be working on technology to let people “do anything you want to do, anywhere, anytime on your computer”.

He will be joined at Mozilla by Humanized’s Jono DiCarlo and Atul Varma.

Humanized was responsible for the Enso user-interface software, which runs in the background and allows users to type in simple commands to access applications.

This eliminates the need for users to leave their current window or application to use another one.

Raskin will work on web advances focused on allowing end-users to interact with their computers in innovative ways.

At the moment many web advances, such as online services and mashups are targeted at developers rather than general users; Raskin will work to redress this balance.

He will use technology and ideas from the Enso project to add more human interaction to the way people use the web.


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