Social networking clogs up broadband

January 23, 2008

Social networking clogs up broadband

There are probably not many employee’s who has access to a computer at work, who has not succumbed to the urge to check out what’s happening on their favourite social networking site like FaceBook or MySpace, and the figures that are being put around today by Global Secure Systems, prove that this could be a real problem.

It is estimated that if the average user spends thirty minutes a day on a social network site, which would work out at around ten hours per month or a staggering three weeks a year! This naturally comes with a price tag and it is estimated that the extra bandwidth used could be costing businesses in the UK around £6.5 billion per year.

In view of this report it is fair to say that from now on businesses will be looking into monitoring employee’s internet activity or to be on the safe side simply block social networking sites altogether.


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