Transmission business deal gets approval

March 12, 2008
Transmission business deal gets approval

A business transaction worth £2.5 Billion has been given the seal of approval by the competition commission. Initially the deal was causing some concerns because it a proposed purchase of National Grid Wireless by Macquarie UK who are the only two terrestrial transmission companies in the UK, Macquarie UK also own Arqiva the only other transmission company in the UK.

There were fears that this deal would see an increase in prices, but with a lower quality of service. These fears meant the commission had to think about imposing terms which would stop them from rising prices to unfair levels to their customers who are all of the UK terrestrial TV and radio stations.

The worry is that such an increase would actually put some of the smaller more independent stations out of business and force them to close down their operations. As it turns out the industry will be getting around £165 million filtered back to the broadcasters and an immediate price cut of around seventeen percent.


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