Zodigo acquired by management in new focus

May 1, 2008

A management buy-out has acquired Zodigo, a new mobile content search engine, from Zodiac Interactive.

The buy-out was led by Matt Johnston, formerly Zodiac’s SVP of strategy and Zodigo’s CEO.

As more people rely on their mobile phones for entertainment and mobility in the workplace, the breadth and depth of mobile content is almost without limit.

Zodigo needs a team that can focus specially in this area, which is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Zodiac Interactive will continue to focus on Interactive Television 2.0 applications and entertainment, as it moves from native to On Ramp to OCAP/ tru2way.

The new management team believes that Zodigo will have all the opportunities to become the Number One place where people can easily find and download exciting new content for their mobile devices.

Zodigo makes it easy for consumers to discover and download mobile content instantly to their mobile phones, either from their TV, PC, DVD or gaming console.

It is an intelligent system that quickly and automatically learns about users’ preferences and their mobile phone types, and recommends content by like-minded people.

Zodiac Interactive is an award-winning developer of software for interactive television. The company also runs one of the world’s premier studios for interactive television games and applications.


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