Unlimited mobile internet access from Vodafone

May 2, 2008

There has been so much hassle created by the mobile phone packages that allowed internet access that something really needed to be done about it.

Now Vodafone have become the first mobile phone company to offer their customers unlimited internet access within their monthly service package.

Of course when they say unlimited, what they really mean to say is that the service is “limited unlimited” so instead of being charged for going over their fair usage figure, a customer could find themselves being placed on a higher tariff if they abuse their access.

The new contracts will start at around £25 per month, but at least there will be no need for their customers to buy additional internet bundles at £7.50 per month.

For the first time in long time the question of billing confusion could be coming to an end.

For existing Vodafone customers the new billing will be automatically applied to their accounts.


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