VHS beats VoD for now

May 20, 2008

The old faithful video recorder is still out gunning the new technology when it comes to viewers watching programmes to catch up on what they have missed.

In a survey by YouGov over two thousand people answered questions on how they choose to watch their favourite TV shows.

It was found that despite the availability of new technology such as personal digital recorders and video on demand, the standard VHS player is accounts for 27% of recorded material, while the digital recorders such as Sky+ are catching up but still have a little way to go at 22%.

However it is video on demand (VoD) and the online catch up services like the BBC’s iPlayer, which are breaking into new territory, with 11% using VoD and 16% using a catch up service.

Time is not on the video recorders’ side as the new age will soon catch and over take it. But if was not for the humble VHS, we may not have a taste for recorded material at all.


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