Channel Four enters the games market

July 9, 2008

The channel, which likes to be thought of as the commercial version of the BBC, is looking to expand into the games industry by commissioning games content for PCs.

These games can then be downloaded and there is even the possibility of introducing console and mobile downloads.

In order to start this up, Channel Four has created 4IP, a £50 million fund.

First on board will be the independent games developers Introversion, who although being a small outfit have gained a reputation for having a guerrilla style of distribution.

This is another angle on the cross media projects that are consuming the broadcasters these days, and gaming could be seen as just another branch for a channel to expand into.

By creating a new division, 4IP will be able to attract seed money a lot easier than it could if it was still part of the channel, especially as this type of media will also fall right into the channel’s chosen viewer age group of fourteen to nineteen.

So it makes sense for them to enter this lucrative marketplace.


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