Joost jumps on Kangaroo

August 20, 2008

As the Competition Commission’s inquiry works towards the report stage in early January 2009, they asked interested “other” parties to list their concerns, and Joost, the web TV platform, has been only too pleased to help out in order to prevent Kangaroo from ever going live.

Joost maintain that all of the partners involved in the Kangaroo project will be benefiting from cross platform advertising and the ability to bundle deals.

They used the BBC iPlayer as an example of how the BBC used their network to make the catch up service the success it is today.

Another problem that Joost is worried about is public service broadcasting.

Joost already carry this type of content from the US and Sweden, but so far have been unable to do the same with PSB programming in the UK.

There has already been criticism by many, of Office of Fair Trading’s decision to refer Kangaroo to the Competition Commission, and the further delays announced mean that no decision will be made this year.


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