PVR boosting Freeview sales

January 28, 2009

The introduction of a personal video recorder (PVR), that is compatible with the Freeview service throughout the UK, has been a serious boost to viewers taking up Freeview as their preferred digital TV provider.

Over nine hundred thousand PVRs have now been sold, with two of these boxes being bought every minute during the 2008 final quarter.

The addition of the Freeview Plus service added more power to the brand and made it a more desirable option, and this clearly shows in the sales figures.

Freeview can now be picked up in over seventeen million homes, where around half are using the no subscription fee service.

There are still eight million households to be switched over to digital, who will have to choose whether to opt for Sky, Cable or Freeview, and for some people the latter is looking like the better option for now.


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  1. Tim says:

    8M households to be converted to Digital? The UK passed this mark in Q3 2005 (Ofcom DTV Progress Report). 8M sets maybe, circa 3M households…

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