Phorm gets all legal over Which? Report

March 2, 2009

When the consumer champion Which? conducts a customer survey, businesses listen and take notes, or most of the time they do.

The Which? survey showed a large amount of internet service providers’ customers being against Phorm, the targeted advertising programme that monitors usage and directs advertising according to their tastes.

However, shortly after Which? sent the press release out to the media, Phorm was instructing its legal teams to put a stop to the Which? Report on Phorm being published.

The press release was featured by the Press Association, Channel 4 News, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail.

Nevertheless it was withdrawn after they received a warning letter from Phorm’s lawyers, by all but the Daily Mail, who decided to keep the story but edit content that referred to the negative findings of the survey.

Phorm said that the survey was based on inaccurate information.


Comments in chronological order (2 comments)

  1. Phil says:

    Oh Dear, panic setting in at Land of Phorm ?
    Nobody wants me
    Nobody loves me
    I think I’ll go and eat worms

    It’s very sad for Phorm isnt it ?

    err No!

  2. Jonah says:

    Another One!

    Really Popular ain’t they NOT!

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