Internet criminals hide behind fast-flux DNS

March 18, 2009

Fast-flux DNS linking is being used to anonymously distribute child pornography on the Internet, according to Infosecurity Adviser.

The online security website said fast-flux DNS links are being used to anonymise connections to hosting servers.

The anonymised connections link up to hidden encrypted partitions on the hosting servers, where child pornography is stored.

Andrew Yeomans, and advisory board member for Infosecurity Europe, said that from a technical perspective, the process is ‘ingenious’ as it blocks external access to the hidden partitions.

The only way to stop this practice, Yeomans said, is to encourage internet service providers (ISPs) to block host names – at DNS level – used by illegal and criminal organisations.

In addition to disrupting the child pornography trade, this method could also be used to shut down phishing and botnet websites.


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