Mobile phone users prefer visual voicemail

April 3, 2009

Forty percent of mobile users would use voicemail more often if their network offered a visual voicemail service, new research by visual voicemail provider Comverse has revealed.

Visual voicemail involves voice messages being converted into a text message, displaying the voice message together with the caller ID and time of call.

Of 1,700 mobile phone users surveyed in North America, 81% said they are interested in visual voicemail, and 68% said they would consider purchasing the service if their network offered it.

“The survey confirms a strong consumer preference for visual voicemail and suggests that it significantly enhances the entire mobile phone experience,” said Gonzalo Zavala, an analyst at Synovate, who conducted the research for Comverse.

The most attractive feature of visual voicemail is the fact that you don’t have to make a phone call to get your messages, with 60% of those polled citing this feature as a key advantage.

Other reasons for preferring visual voicemail over standard voicemail included being able to see all messages at a glance (54%), the simplicity of one click retrieving all messages (50%) and the ability to review and handle messages in any order (45%).

As visual voicemail grows in popularity, networks around the world are increasingly looking to offer the service.

“We are working with carriers and the leading handset manufacturers to bring visual voicemail to even more markets,” said John Bunyan, Comverse’s chief marketing officer.

“Visual voicemail is well on its way to becoming the standard for next-generation voicemail around the globe,” Bunyan added.


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