Babelgum debuts first online wildlife documentary

April 6, 2009

The first wildlife TV documentary produced solely for online viewing premiered this week on

“Extinction Sucks” is a ‘fast paced, humorous’ wildlife programme featuring threatened species, including elephants, black bears, rhinos, dolphins and marine turtles.

It was produced with active involvement from the WWF, and is designed to engage and empower users on animal protection issues.

Two young Australian conservationists, Aleisha Caruso and Ashleigh Young, present the show, which will be released online in six half-hour webisodes, or for mobile phone download in 24 six-minute mobisodes.

The six episodes follow Aleisha and Ashleigh as they host events to raise funds for wildlife conservation equipment.

The two girls put on sports events, enter dance competitions and hold garage sales to raise the cash needed for essential conservation supplies.

Valerio Zingarelli, CEO, Babelgum, said: “Extinction Sucks” is a series that tries not only to speak out on an issue, but also to propose concrete solutions: what each of us can do to really change things”.


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