VON wants VoIP on mobile broadband

April 8, 2009

Mobile broadband providers who block their customers from making Voice over IP (VoIP) calls on their service are being targeted by the Voice on the Net Coalition (VON), and could even find legal action being taken.

VON whose members include Microsoft, BT, Intel and Skype, say that some mobile broadband providers are deliberately blocking the use of VoIP services.

This is serious enough for the group to seek intervention from the EU in the matter.

It is hoped by highlighting the issues the EU will see fit to change the regulations that govern these services, as restricting them has to be detrimental to the consumer.

This blocking also applies to the instant messaging services from the likes of MSN, and as the government plans to use mobile broadband services to help meet the universal service obligation these issues will also need to be sorted out.


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