Phorm and ISPs to be pressed by MPs

April 24, 2009

MPs have launched a new investigation into internet traffic, filtering and the use of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems like Phorm.

This will be part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Communication (APPGC) chaired by John Robertson MP and Derek Wyatt MP.

The object of this investigation is to clarify certain issues with industry experts.

In order to make the investigation clear the APPGC has come up with a series of questions:

    1. Can we distinguish circumstances when ISPs should be forced to act to deal with some type of bad traffic? When should we insist that ISPs should not be forced into dealing with a problem, and that the solution must be found elsewhere?

    2. Should the Government be intervening over behavioural advertising services, either to encourage or discourage their deployment, or is this entirely a matter for individual users, ISPs and websites?

    3. Is there a need for new initiatives to deal with online privacy, and if so, what should be done?

    4. Is the current global approach to dealing with child sexual abuse images working effectively? If not, then how should it be improved?

    5. Who should be paying for the transmission of Internet traffic? Would it be appropriate to enshrine any of the various notions of Network Neutrality in statute?

Members of the public can also have their say, by emailing their responses to the highlighted issues to

Submissions must be dated, and an address, name, email, and telephone contact shoud be included.

They can be in plain text, PDF, DOC or RTF format.


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