French satellite manager fired over three strikes rule

May 12, 2009

When Jerome Bourreau-Guggenheim wrote to his local member of parliament, regarding the three strikes rule, the last thing on his mind must have been that his employer, satellite broadcaster TF1, would sack him, but this appears to have occurred.

The three strikes rule relates to a proposed bill which would create an agency to warn, warn again, then disconnect illegal downloaders.

In France, the subject of internet piracy and the three strikes rule is big news, and is driving the government crazy enough to get in touch with TF1 over this matter.

In fact, TF1 has been in the copyright wars too, with a hundred million euro lawsuit against YouTube and a further case worth forty million euros against Dailymotion.

The French government is once again having to vote on the three strikes rule, despite the recent defeat of the bill in the European parliament in Strasbourg.


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