Disney XD will replace Jetix

June 16, 2009

The young viewers’ broadcaster Disney will be soon be launching Disney XD.

This channel will replace Jetix, which currently serves that particular sector in the pay to view satellite market.

The channel will be uniquely directed at boys aged between six and fourteen.

It will cover most of the topics that interest that group, including sports made in collaboration with the Disney owned ESPN, gaming, animations and action films too.

When the channel was launched in the US in February, the audience figures reached 15.7 million for the first weekend.

Disney XD was also launched in France on the 1st April.

No date has been given for the UK launch, when the channel will join the already established stable of the Disney UK bouquet: Playhouse Disney, Disney Cinemagic and the Disney Channel.


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  1. Kt,matt&aaron says:

    This is not very good. We like jetix & disney channel already has multiple channels which just play the same programmes over and over.
    We are extremely disappointed.

  2. Craig Black says:

    Not good news as my 2 boys watch Jetix the most
    Especially Naruto

    Where will these programmes be?

  3. Craig Black says:

    Where will the likes of Naruto be televised?

    I have 2 dissapointed boys at home

  4. JonS says:

    Jetix is owned by Disney in the first place. It is not that much different in my opinion…Still it’s an odd change. I don’t know about Naruto but Pokemon at least is still on.

    If not I suggest getting them the cartoon on DVD. I think that’s a better way as you won’t have to worry about sometimes missing the program.

  5. Thomas M says:

    Damn. I like watching Naruto and now that will never be shown. Just how many channels do Disney have/want. Is this their third or fourth. They realy need to take off their rose tinted specticles and show some shows which are aimed at an older audience AKA Naruto.

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