Gizmodo falls victim to malware sting

Darren Allan

October 27, 2009

Popular technology blog Gizmodo has admitted that it ran adverts containing malware on its site for a period of time last week.

The site issued an apology to its large user base (Gizmodo has some three million visitors per day): “Guys, I’m really sorry but we had some malware running on our site in ad boxes for a little while last week on Suzuki ads. They somehow fooled our ad sales team through an elaborate scam.”

The adverts led to a fake anti-virus (scareware) scam, according to a BBC report.

Gizmodo says that the episode has been taken care of now, and the malware would have been spotted sooner but for the fact that the staff all run Mac or Linux production machines. It might be an idea to get at least one of them on Windows.

According to a report from Symantec, scareware scammers can make the best part of a million pounds every year from plying their damaging trade.


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