Jewish Chronicle hacked by “Palestinian Mujaheeds”

Darren Allan

January 18, 2010

The Jewish Chronicle website was hacked and defaced by Palestinian radicals yesterday.

The site of the world’s longest running Jewish paper was replaced by a picture of the Palestinian flag, with various anti-semitic messages underneath, along with quotes from the Qu’ran.

After the attack, which is believed to have originated from a computer in Turkey, the newspaper’s site was taken down and only came back online this morning.

The Jewish Chronicle ran a report this morning saying police were investigating the incident, and the editor Stephen Pollard called it “a pretty self-defeating attempt to silence us.”

“Our site was down for a few hours,” he added, “but as a result we will get more readers than ever before.”

There have been a recent spate of such site defacing attacks, such as last month’s Iranian Cyber Army hack perpetrated on Twitter, which compromised the social networking site’s DNS records.


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