Fifty to Eighty Million 3DTVs to be sold

March 8, 2010

According to recent research some fifty million to eighty million 3D Ready televisions will sold in 2015!

This long-range expectation looks to be further proof that initial estimates that the 3D TV market would explode during the later part of this year were a little over optimistic.

The research comes from two sources.

The first, from Insight Media, suggests that the market in five years time will be for fifty million 3D TVs.

However, according to the market intel firm iSuppli, the market is going to be worth an estimated 78 million sales of 3D TVs.

These research companies studied the same data and yet have come up with estimates with a difference of almost thirty million 3D TV units, which is a big difference for manufacturers and retailers to play with.


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