Facebook “sexiest video” malware

Darren Allan

May 20, 2010

How do you get people to fall into malware traps? Baiting them with lures of stinking great wedges of cash is one option, and potential pornography is another.

The latest Facebook scam appeals to the latter camp, promising users of the social networking site the “sexiest video ever”.

Should you click through and attempt to watch said steamy footage, you will be asked to update your video player.

The installation for the updated video player, however, is actually the Hotbar adware toolbar.

While you install this advertising spam bar, your account will also be used to post to Facebook friends about this sexiest video clip. The malware writers hope to spread the adware virally in this manner.

As ever, be very careful about what you install on Facebook, and on your computer in general.

Sophos advises that: “Judging by the number of messages posted on Facebook, thousands of people received this attack.”

“If you were one of them, you should scan your computer with an up-to-date anti-virus, change your passwords, [and] review your Facebook application settings,” the company’s security expert, Graham Cluley, concludes.

You should probably also prepare for a barrage of mickey-taking from your slightly more clued-up computing friends.


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