UK iPad App Store opens doors

Darren Allan

May 20, 2010

The UK incarnation of the iPad App Store is now officially open for business.

Despite the fact that the UK incarnation of the tablet isn’t out until a week tomorrow. For those who pre-ordered early enough, that is – others may be waiting for stock until the end of the first week in June.

Or you could chance your arm queueing at the shops to get one (assuming there are queues for the device, as was the case on launch morning in the States).

However, the UK App Store can be accessed right now by those keen Apple fans who have already imported themselves an iPad.

It will be interesting to see which apps are available over here, and not in the US (and vice versa). iBooks is reportedly not up on the UK App Store yet, for instance, though we shouldn’t have too long to wait on that score.


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