FaceTime now testing on the iPad?

Darren Allan

September 6, 2010

It seems that Apple might currently be testing FaceTime for the next incarnation of the iPad, which as has been previously rumoured, could well come with a front-facing camera.

This rumour stems from an image which has been published on the 9 to 5 Mac website, which is purported to be a snap of next-gen iPad firmware being tested with a “Video Calls Debugging” option clearly shown.

This wouldn’t be a surprising move, given that the iPod Touch has just been given the front camera and FaceTime treatment, despite doubts from some who thought Apple wouldn’t make that move.

The question is, could this new scheme of things be gracing the 7 inch iPad which is also rumoured to be coming before the end of the year? That would kind of make sense, as the more compact model would be easier to hold up for a length of time while video calling.

The camera issue certainly has to be high on Apple’s priority list, we would imagine, given that the rival tablets which are soon to flood onto the market generally offer a built-in camera, if not two.


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