Windows Phone 7 to support tethering

Darren Allan

September 24, 2010

Good news for those of you who are considering buying a smartphone bearing Microsoft’s new operating system when they hit the market.

Windows Phone 7 is all set to support tethering, as Android 2.2 does, although whether the facility is enabled will be up to operators, Engadget reports.

Device tethering is quite simply the ability to use your phone as a wireless modem, so you can connect to it on your laptop or notebook.

Windows Phone 7 is due out on October 11th, with all five major UK networks recently confirming that they will support handsets which run the OS.


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  1. Karina says:

    The USB cable tethering that Windows Phone 7 has won’t be as good as iPhone or Android wireless tethering, which turns the phone into a wireless hotspot.

  2. Neil says:


    What do you base this asumption on? What else would you expect to do with Tethering? I have an Iphone and I would expect WP7 Tethering to work the same way and the performance would be dependant on your service provider….

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