Mass Effect 3 coming to PS3

Darren Allan

December 13, 2010

Mass Effect 3 won’t just be on the Xbox, but will also be coming out on the PS3 from launch, Bioware has confirmed.

Patrick Buechner, Marketing VP for Bioware, tweeted: “Mass Effect 3 is coming to Xbox 360, PC and….. PS3!”

And he also reminded folks: “Don’t forget ME2 hits PS3 next month.”

He further confirmed that Mass Effect 3 would indeed be a simultaneous launch on Xbox, PC and PS3 formats.

The first trailer for Mass Effect 3 was shown off at the Spike TV Video Game Awards yesterday. The minute long vid shows a devastated Earth under attack from unknown aliens, which Shepard must return to and save.

If you fancy a watch, the trailer is up on YouTube.


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