Amazons Appstore will go cross platform

March 4, 2011

Aaron Rubenson, leader of the Appstore project for Amazon, has revealed that Amazon plans to eventually cater it’s Appstore to numerous operating systems.

So far, Amazon has not yet launched it’s third party Appstore, but rumours told us that it would only be available for the Android OS. Now however, it has been officially confirmed that those rumours are false.

Aaron Rubenson spoke to Mobile Device, and confirmed that the recommendations-led software store has ambitions to take on alternative platforms.

“Our intent is to provide a vast selection to customers from multiple operating systems,” he stated. “Although the store will feature Android apps at launch, we will evaluate opportunities to expand our selection on an ongoing basis.”

The Amazon Appstore’s intent, is to make it far easier and simpler for a user to find good, worth while apps that they will enjoy, which can be difficult on handset store fronts.

It will do this by using Amazons recommendations engine, sending users on a simple path to find the apps they seek. It will do this by using features such as “If you like this then you may like…” or, “People who bought this have bought…”.

Rubenson has confirmed that Amazon’s Appstore will launch soon, but he would not give an exact date. However, Millenia Media already seem to have outed the retailer with news that it will come out later in March.

Both free, and paid for applications will be available on launch.


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