Apple iPad 2 on eBay for up to £2,500

Darren Allan

March 17, 2011

Want to get hold of an iPad 2 right now instead of waiting for the UK launch a week tomorrow?

It’s certainly possibly to order one off eBay, as many sellers (mostly from the US) have the tablet up for bidding.

Given the stock shortages in the States, you have to wonder what the launch will be like over here, and how many will be available. All of which speculation has led eBay gougers to really get their thumbs into Apple gadget fans’ wallets.

As we write, a typical iPad 2 auction has just ended on, with a white 64GB 3G model going for $1176 or £733 plus £35 postage. The retail price of the unit is $829, so that makes for a quick $347 profit for the vendor (minus eBay fees).

But that’s nothing compared to some asking prices, with The Tech Herald noting that one seller has the top-end iPad 2 up for £2,500. Good luck with that.

Ferreting through the listings for the cheapest iPad 2 we could find, we did locate a black 16GB wi-fi slate for a buy-it-now price of £530. That’s still £100 more than it will cost when it comes out a week tomorrow.


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