iPhone 4 back on top as UK’s favourite smartphone

Darren Allan

April 26, 2011

The iPhone 4 is making a comeback in popularity in the UK, at least according to Uswitch.com’s mobile tracker.

In February, the company had pegged the smartphone as having slipped out of the top five most popular smartphones (judged by live sales and searches).

It was number six then, and it moved up a couple of places last month, but in April it has secured the top spot in the chart again.

It’s quite surprising that the iPhone 4 has trotted back up the chart, although perhaps people are realising that the iPhone 5 might not be right just around the corner as previously expected (according to some sources, anyway, a later 2011 launch is looking likely).

There’s also the buzz around the white iPhone 4, perhaps, which has been the subject of rumour frenzy for the last couple of weeks. It’s expected to launch this week, possibly tomorrow, but in limited quantities.

So, what was the number two smartphone? The HTC Desire HD was a non-mover in the runner-up spot, followed by the original HTC Desire at number three (down from the top spot last month).

The Samsung Galaxy S II is in at number four on pre-order sales and hype alone, so expect that to do well next month when the smartphone has been launched.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy S, is just behind at number five, making for a pretty clear picture of the nation’s three favourite handsets: the iPhone, Desire and Galaxy.


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