Mass Effect 3 delayed until 2012

Darren Allan

May 5, 2011

In some not-so-good news for Mass Effect 3 fans, it seems that Bioware’s next instalment in the series has been hit by the delay stick.

The sci-fi RPG three-quel was thought to be on schedule for an end of the year release, but word has it that Q1 2012 is now the anticipated launch date.

As we always say in these cases, we’d rather they take their time and get it right, as opposed to rushing it out.

Although it seems that part of the reason for the delay may be a change of focus for the game. EuroGamer got wind of a comment from EA CEO John Riccitiello, who said ME3 had been adjusted to be more shooter-meets-RPG, to give it more mass-market appeal.

Whether that will lend it more Mass-Effect-market appeal, we shall have to see.


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