Sony S1 and S2 tablets could be due in September

Darren Allan

June 17, 2011

The Sony Tablet, which will come in S1 and S2 versions, is reportedly due to hit the UK in September.

The pair of Android devices were revealed back in April, and Sony is attempting to attack a flooded market with something of a fresh perspective with them.

They’ll run Honeycomb, with the S1 boasting a 9.4 inch display – just a touch more compact than the iPad – designed for enjoying multimedia, watching films and so forth. It has a curved back to make it more comfortable to hold, apparently.

The S2 is the more novel proposition, with twin hinged 5.5 inch displays that fold shut, like a larger version of the 3DS. Users will be able to use the screens separately – for example, one displaying an email message, and one a virtual keyboard – or together for a larger viewing area.

The slight gap between them may or may not prove a big distraction.

The release date was revealed by Engadget, who got hold of a note from Sony with the September date – although it’s not clear whether just one of the tablets will be launched then, or both.

The device(s) will go on pre-order the month before, and will initially be available direct from Sony, John Lewis and a third as yet unnamed retailer.


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