HTC planning Windows Phone 7 launches next week

Eternity and Omega, smartphones not aftershaves from HTC
Adam Smith

August 23, 2011

It’s not only Nokia who is on board with Windows Phone 7, although the deal between Microsoft and the Finnish firm is definitely the highest profile when it comes to handsets emerging this autumn with Mango on board.

Mango is the new (and just completed) version of WP7 which adds something like 500 new features, including deeper social network integration, contacts that can be grouped into personalised Live tiles, and multiple email accounts which can be linked to a single inbox.

And not forgetting a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 when it comes to web browsing. It’s a huge update for the OS, which has thus far failed to fire on many cylinders.

Along with Nokia, HTC is also planning to push out not just Android phones, but a few with Microsoft’s OS too. In fact, the company announced an event on Facebook set for the start of next month, which reportedly will reveal two new handsets.

These are, according to several different sources, the HTC Omega and Eternity. The spec of the Omega consists of a large 4.5 inch WVGA display, an 8 megapixel camera (capable of 720p recording), 1.5GHz processor (single core) and 16GB of memory.

The Eternity will boast a fairly similar spec, but with a smaller display, and no doubt some other variations (according to initial leaks, it was the Eternity which was to be the big screen affair, but that seems to have changed somewhere down the line).

HTC has previously produced the Mozart and Trophy WP7 handsets, although the company will be hoping Mango manages to fire up the newcomers more than the old guard managed.


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