Nexus S first for Android 4.0?

Google is internal testing right now, and the upgrade should arrive in January
Darren Allan

December 5, 2011

Currently Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is only available on Google’s new flagship Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

However, it would seem that its predecessor, the Nexus S, is set to become the next smartphone to receive a dollop of ice cream goodness ahead of other Android handsets.

According to an article on Gearburn, Google is currently testing Android 4.0 on employees’ Nexus S phones, with a view to rolling out the update soon.

This information was spilled by Google staff on various social networks, although some folks have since got a talking to and the posts have been removed. Not before they were screen grabbed, naturally, and Gearburn has the pic to prove it.

One employee noted that the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade had been pushed out to his Nexus S over-the-air, and that it was performing pretty impressively.

He noted “huge performance differences” compared to Gingerbread, and said: “Basically I’m getting a higher quadrant score for non-tweaked ICS [Ice Cream Sandwich] than 1.4GHz overclocked Gingerbread.”

The internal testing process is likely to last a few weeks, and – barring any problems being discovered – that should mean Android 4.0 rolling out on the Nexus S in early January.

There will then likely be a scramble as to which smartphones get it next, depending on how fast other manufacturers and carriers can get their act together.

Unfortunately, many folks are likely to be waiting past January, and in some cases until the spring and possibly beyond if past Android update performances are anything to go by.


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  1. Telephone Bill says:

    Thanks heavens for Windows Phone 7. Leaving OS updates in the hands of the mobile manufacturers will never work as they have no incentive to do them.

  2. Michal says:

    … are you talking about, Bill? In this case its Google – the OS maker – who is having the updates in its hands! In case of those non-google_experience phones however, I agree with you …

    Either way, enjoy your WP7 – myself, I dont want windows running on my mobile device ever again …

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