iPhone 4S topping Xmas sales

Although the Galaxy S II is top by another set of figures
Adam Smith

December 20, 2011
iPhone 4S

In the run up to Christmas, Apple’s iPhone 4S and indeed the basic iPhone 4 are doing well in terms of sales.

According to research by Gfk which was revealed by the Financial Times (via the Guardian), the iPhone 4S was the best-selling smartphone in the month leading up to December 9th.

In fact, the 4S snagged a quarter of all phone sales.

In second place was the most popular Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy S II which is still selling strongly.

Gfk noted that Nokia’s Lumia 800, Microsoft’s biggest hope of boosting lacklustre Windows Phone 7 sales, didn’t make the top ten. Apparently it didn’t shift many more units than Nokia’s basic “touch and type” phone.

However, there’s better news for Nokia and Microsoft looking at the Uswitch.com mobile tracker for sales in December 2011.

That shows the Lumia 800 at number seven in the top ten, sandwiched between two Samsung phones, the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note hybrid.

In fact the iPhone 4S is second to the Samsung Galaxy S II in the Uswitch top ten. HTC’s Wildfire S is third, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and then the plain old iPhone 4 which is still selling.

The HTC Sensation and Desire S round off the top ten, which comprises of seven Android handsets, two iPhones and the one Windows Phone 7 model.

It’s certainly clear that the top two selling phones as we’re almost at Christmas are the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II, which is still outperforming the new Galaxy Nexus.


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