Scorn heaped on iPad 3 in January rumour

Improbable sounding DigiTimes rumour roundly rejected by numerous sources
Adam Smith

December 30, 2011
iPad 2

Yesterday DigiTimes, that ever present font of Apple rumours, claimed that sources had told it the iPad 3 was going to be released in two different versions in January.

Previously it was thought that March or April was the likely release date for the iPad 3, and of course, that there would only likely be one model brought out.

According to DigiTimes, however, Apple is set to push out two models of the next-gen iPad, one with an 8 megapixel camera and the other with a 5 megapixel camera.

These would be high and mid-end models, apparently, although there really isn’t much of a difference with a better camera. The real selling point of the iPad 3 is the alleged far higher QXGA resolution display, which both would have.

So that all sounded a bit odd anyway, and commentators around the web have been quick to leap on DT’s back and call this one a load of flannel.

The Loop checked with multiple sources who said that the iPad 3 definitely wasn’t going to be unveiled at any show in January – least of all because Apple doesn’t do those trade shows anyway.

Other tech bloggers have come forward with similar stories from the sources they’ve spoken to, so it would seem this particular piece of speculation – which sounded improbable anyway – has been roundly defeated.

Apple has yet to comment on the rumours, unsurprisingly.

It’s thought that the Cupertino company might unveil its latest iPad come the end of February, the 24th being the birthday of Steve Jobs would seem a likely date.


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