Nokia Ace WP7 marketing push

Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T plan a $100 million push in the States
Darren Allan

January 5, 2012
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Something obviously needs to be done to kick-start Windows Phone 7.

Its market share has remained at very low levels, and it’s unclear how much impact Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) and the new Nokia devices running it have made. Thus far early indicators are running cautious to bleak.

However, Microsoft has further plans beyond the initial launch, naturally, and news has emerged of a marketing push in the US next spring.

According to Betanews, the Nokia Ace, a WP7 handset due out in the second quarter of 2012, is going to be accompanied by a marketing spend of $100 million.

Presumably most of that money will come from Microsoft, but Nokia and AT&T will also foot some of the bill.

AT&T is giving the Ace “hero” status, meaning it will push the handset in stores and with its own advertising. And make small capes for it. All right, maybe not.

The Ace is thought to have a large touchscreen at 4.3 inches, like the Nokia Lumia 900. In fact it may be the US version of the 900, and will certainly be built much like it, although no specs have yet been confirmed in concrete.

While $100 million might sound like a lot of dough to be chucking around, in the great mobile scheme of things, it pales in comparison to the launch budget Windows Phone 7 saw spent.

And looking at the lack of impact of the launch, you’ve got to wonder how much difference this will make.

Particularly when the likes of 1.8GHz quad core Android handsets are going to be available, with WP7 not making the move to Apollo and multi-core until the end of 2012.

Whether kick-starting the OS is even feasible now is looking increasingly debatable, but we won’t write the operating system off until we at least see what sort of market share the initial Nokia Lumia has grabbed.


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  1. anonomous says:

    It’s funny when I see people writing Microsoft off time and time again, without knowing the company’s abilities at all. If something is important enough to them, they will sit there patiently waiting for the right opportunity. Forgot about the XBOX. The things that they have let fail like the Zune and Kin were not as important to them strategically, but this is.

  2. GirthDiggler says:

    And speaking of those 1.8Ghz quad core android phones, I’m thinking it’s going to require an enormous battery to run it. I don’t think that will fit well in a small form factor…. Imagine how heavy that thing will be and it probably still won’t survive the day without a charge!

    It’s amazing how people will fall for specs alone and not consider a product based on it’s overall experience….

    I have a 1st gen windows phone (Samsung Focus). It’s been a solid, reliable phone. In fact, the best I’ve ever had. The only things I wish it had are a larger screen, and LTE modem. Well that’s what the Nokia Ace is rumored to have and so I think I will be getting one!

  3. Darren Allan says:

    I did say I haven’t written MS off yet! And yes it’s true, people laughed at Microsoft doing a console when the first Xbox was released.

    However I think its figures a year in were a bit more impressive than WP7 managed.

    It’s true enough about battery worries for these 1.8/2.0 quad cores, as well. But folks are often led by specs and having the ‘latest and greatest’ phones….

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