Rim drops a BB10 smartphone

And another handset, the Milan, gets scrapped
Adam Smith

January 6, 2012
Rim Logo

Mention Rim these days, and a catalogue of disasters is what initially springs to mind, with 2011 being an awful year for the company’s smartphones, tablet and stock price.

But the bad news seemingly keeps on coming.

That’s if the article on Boy Genius Report (BGR) is correct, claiming that Rim has dropped one of its BB10 smartphones already, along with another handset planned for 2012.

BGR reckons that the BlackBerry Colt, which was originally intended to be the first phone to merge QNX and the BlackBerry OS in the form of BB10, has now been scrapped.

And now “multiple sources” are saying that the BlackBerry Milan, which was leaked in December, wasn’t a BB10 phone and indeed has been scrapped as well. Apparently operators felt it was too similar to the Torch, and they were even less convinced about it given that the device was to run OS 7.

So that leaves only one initial BB10 smartphone on the cards, the BlackBerry London.

Which seems rather odd – we presume there’ll definitely be more than one come launch time.

The London (which speculation also indicated might be called the Surfboard) is rumoured to feature a 1.5GHz dual core processor, twin cameras (one of which will likely be an 8 megapixel affair), with a 3.7 inch display.

Currently, it also pretty much holds all the hopes for the company’s future.


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  1. jimmy carter says:

    but then people praise Apple for having a ‘simple’ lineup (i.e. one phone only, and an expensive one…)

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