Anonymous launches attack against ‘Irish SOPA’

Irish government sites taken down including the finance and justice departments
Adam Smith

January 26, 2012

Anonymous, the collective of internet activists, has struck again with its latest cause – action against copyright legislation in Ireland.

Currently, a statutory instrument – a change in law which doesn’t require approval from Parliament – is being pushed through swiftly over in Ireland.

And that instrument aims to achieve SOPA-like goals of making it easier for copyright holders to block websites deemed to have violated their intellectual property.

There’s currently concern over whether this, like SOPA, is a rather blunt instrument which is overreaching and could be abused when it comes to shutting sites down, threatening freedom of speech on the web.

Anonymous has certainly made its feelings felt on the matter, with targeted distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) launched at Irish government websites in a campaign dubbed #OpIreland.

DDoS isn’t hacking the sites, merely bombarding them with traffic so they’re taken down, and indeed the web pages in question were offline for some time.

According to the BBC, they included the Irish department of justice and finance websites, which were both down for a period of time yesterday.

They are, however, back up and running now.

However, it seems that more action is on the cards, at least according to the @Anon_Architect Twitter account, which announced #OpIreland as “we are attacking irish governments to prevent them bringing SOPA to ireland to censor what they see”.

The latest tweet from the account, made an hour ago, urges: “@AnonOpsSweden @AnonymousIRC use my email spammer to spam irish government officials!”

So we can expect some further volleys of fire across the net later today, possibly.


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