iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III water repellent?

Puddles and toilets needn't mean an early grave for your superphone
Darren Allan

February 6, 2012
iPhone 4S

The latest mobile phone rumour is that the next generation high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung are due to feature Liquipel technology.

Liqui-what-now? Let’s face it, it’s every iPhone or Galaxy S owner’s nightmare to drop their expensive handset in a deep puddle and see it fizzle and die in front of their eyes.

Liquipel, however, is a post-production coating for a phone which is water repellent and should protect your phone from a brief dip in a puddle, or indeed (in more unfortunate cases) the toilet.

Plus if you’ve encountered the absolutely most unfortunate scenario in the latter case, you can give your iPhone a quick rinse under the tap.

Basically any brief dip shouldn’t present a problem to a Liquipel coated handset, although it isn’t designed to allow you to take your iPhone deep sea diving (or indeed down the local swimming pool to text while doing fifty lengths).

Accident protection is the name of the game, and rumour has it from several sources across the net that both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, due out later this year, will feature Liquipel.

This is just a rumour at this point, and although it’s an extensively spread one, that doesn’t make it any truer.

However, it does make sense that modern, expensive mobile phones should have some form of protection against a watery grave. And smartphone owners would doubtless appreciate this, in the main.

Although if you accidentally flush after dropping your superphone, you’re still in some major trouble.


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