iPad 3 to be unveiled next month

Apple is apparently readying its presentation for the rumoured high-res tablet
Darren Allan

February 10, 2012

It’s long been rumoured that Apple is set to launch the next iPad in the spring, and the latest whispers to drift from dark corners in Cupertino is that the company is ramping up activity to prepare for a March unveil.

And early March at that, so All Things Digital has suggested, and our first proper glimpse of the next-generation iPad might come inside four weeks.

Presumably followed by a late March or early April launch, the date we (and many others) have anticipated will be the iPad 3’s time to shine for a long time now. The iPhone 5 will likely be out in September or October.

The word is that Apple is currently busy organising the apps which will be used to show off the slate, with a focus on graphics oriented apps to best demonstrate the new high resolution display.

The new screen is rumoured to be a colossal 2048×1536 (QXGA) affair, a massive step on from the iPad 2, and a pin-sharp “retina” display which is going to blow other tablets out of the water when it comes to visuals.

A faster processor and graphics chip are a given, really, considering that it will take a lot more grunt to power that resolution. A larger battery and improved camera are also fair bets.

Whereas the iPad 2 went far more slimline than the original, odds are that the iPad 3 might be just a smidge thicker to fit in all that new technological wizardry. Hopefully it won’t be meaningfully heavier, though; we doubt Apple would go in that direction.

Naturally, all this is still speculation, as ever regarding Apple’s gadgets. But we should know the real spec of the iPad 3 inside a month, with any luck.


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