Asus Transformer ICS update delay

We're now looking at next month for the Android 4.0 upgrade
Adam Smith

February 17, 2012

Yet more news has emerged on the incoming update for the original Asus Transformer tablet which brings it up to speed with Android 4.0. Unfortunately, it’s not good news.

In the first week of February, Asus updated its UK Facebook page to say that the Ice Cream Sandwich update “should be” arriving this month.

Well, it seems that might not be the case – at least not in Singapore, anyway. On the Asus Singapore page, the company posted that: “We are informed that the ICS upgrade for TF101 will be ready within the Feb/March 2012 period. You will be able to receive the upgrade notification via FOTA once we have a confirmation date.”

So, as we predicted from the initial lack of commitment to a firm date, it would seem March will be the arrival time for the Transformer to catch up with ICS and its big brother, the Prime.

It isn’t clear, however, whether this Singapore post is applicable to the rest of the world. Unsurprisingly, Asus UK has been facing questions, and has posted another update on its Facebook wall.

The firm said: “Regarding the reports of ICS for TF101 being pushed back to March – Asus UK has not received any information confirming this. We will let you know if there is any further, solid developments and when we have a difinitive (sic) date for the release.”

So, the overall picture seems to be one of uncertainty, but we’re still betting Transformer owners will be waiting until next month before their tablet receives an ice cream transformation.

Assuming there aren’t any further delays on top of that, which judging from the amount of toy-chucking going on in both the UK, Singapore and doubtless other Asus Facebook pages, will really push some users to breaking point.

Meanwhile, Google’s operating system’s unwanted image of being fragmented is still very much alive and well.


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