Nokia’s Windows 8 Arm tablet due Q4

Won't be out until the fourth quarter at the earliest, sources say
Darren Allan

March 14, 2012

More information has come to light about Nokia’s rumoured Windows 8 tablet, which is supposed to be in the offing for this year.

Back in November, Nokia boss Stephen Elop talked about the emergence of Windows 8 in 2012, and the new opportunity in the tablet market that the operating system will bring with it.

Windows 8 is the first Microsoft OS designed to run with the touchscreen in mind, across tablets and computers. It offers an opportunity to attack Apple’s all-conquering iPad in a different direction aside from the many Android devices out there.

And apparently Nokia’s Windows 8 slate is well underway and expected to hit the market late this year, according to a DigiTimes report.

The tablet will apparently be a full-sized 10 inch slate, with a dual-core processor, although it won’t hit until at least the fourth quarter.

The ever-present sources of DigiTimes claim that the first batch of shipments of the device will be in the order of 200,000 units.

Perhaps most crucially, however, the tablet’s CPU will apparently be produced by Arm and not Intel. It’s not yet quite clear exactly how the OS running on Arm will stack up against Intel Win 8 devices.

However, Office is certainly being rejigged to work on Arm architecture, with the new Office 15 version due to beta in the summer. And the productivity and Office line will be one of the major focuses of Microsoft’s tablet assault on the iPad.

Nokia evidently needs fresh strategies aside from Windows Phone 7 on the mobile side, and it seems more hopes are being pinned on Elop’s ex-company, Microsoft, one way or another.


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