Apple plagued by iPad overheating issues

Tablet is getting too hot, some owners say... the fault of the CPU, battery, or intensive 3D games?
Darren Allan

March 20, 2012
iPad 3

While Apple has just revealed record opening weekend sales of 3 million units for its new iPad, all is not quite “tickety-boo” with the tablet launch.

There are various reports which have been filtering in yesterday and today of the third-generation iPad suffering from overheating issues. Indeed, in our review round-up we noticed that TechCrunch said the slate was noticeably slightly warm, but only slightly.

However, some owners of the iPad have complained that it’s getting really hot, and indeed shutting itself down due to overheating, giving the user the message that the “iPad needs to cool down” before it can be used again.

The theory is that either the chunkier battery – needed to keep the battery life equal to the iPad 2’s 10 hours – or the faster processor is causing the overheating issue.

Still, this is by no means happening to everyone, although the exact percentage of the user base affected is difficult to say at this point.

There are, however, a number of irate post on Apple’s support forum. A typical, simple complaint is: “I have the new ipad and the back is too hot to hold.”

Some owners are theorising that having the device in a case is worsening the overheating issues, although others claim that isn’t so. Many are saying that their iPad is cool, or only gets very slightly warm as the TechCrunch review stated.

Other users have noted that it only gets really hot when playing intensive 3D games with the brightness up at full – which makes sense given that this would stress the CPU, display and battery to the max. In this instance, having the device in a case could worsen the issue, potentially.

One owner said: “Very hot! Playing new COD and having your hands sweat and trying to slide finger across screen becomes very difficult on new iPad. Gets about 108%. Too hot. Please fix apple.”

Perhaps we’ll get some sort of official response from Apple before long, or some of those 3 million iPads which have flown off the shelves may be winging their way back to Cupertino.


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  1. Glenda Beck of Crox News says:

    Here’s how to keep your iPooed from overheating. First, turn it off. Then don’t use it. If you REALLY MUST use an iPooed, just ask yourself: WWJJD? If Jerk Jobs was still here, he’d say you’re holding it the wrong way(remember antenna-gate?).

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