Smartphone users prioritise news sites

Brian Turner

March 26, 2012

Nearly half of all smartphone users in the UK accessed news sites or news apps in January.

According to the latest numbers from Comscore, smartphone users are increasingly turning to news on their phones.

46.8% of UK smartphone users accessed a new site or app at least once in the last month, and 15.8% access news daily.

The figures come from an overall study of smartphone use across five major European economies: UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Spain saw the largest increase in smartphone users accessing news, and British users remain the most entrenched.

Surprising, additional data suggests that the number of news sites is decreasing, and users have looked more to apps which aggregate news from a number of news websites.

This is not least because major news portals, such as Google News, have become increasingly restrictive, tending to display only big-brand media sites for major news stories, resulting in users having to use other means to find more meaningful niche sites and stories.

Additionally, the growth of apps such as News Republic which is a more inclusive aggregator service, has helped see it win visitors from all over Europe.

According to Hesham Al-Jehani, Comscore Europe product manager for mobile, said: “Today’s mobile consumer wants to be plugged into what’s happening around them every second of the day, and their smartphones are enabling them to do that.”

Other insights from Comscore’s figures include that sending text messages is still the number one habit for smartphone users across all economies, covering 91% of users.

Curiously, though, the same stats also show that Italians are least likely to read news – too many Bersculoni headlines perhaps? – and that German users are least likely to accesss blog and social media sites.


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