Google Andromeda, Siri rival, details leaked

The big G's Android effort to outvoice Siri, with a surprising new feature
Darren Allan

April 1, 2012
Android Logo

We’ve heard that Google is rumoured to be working on a Siri rival, first known as Majel, and then speculation has pointed to it being named Google Assistant.

However, a source inside Mountain View has just confirmed that Siri’s Android rival is definitely coming out later this year, and will actually be named Andromeda. So why the galactic-themed name? Let’s just say it’s all in the stars…

Google is going the whole hog with Andromeda. It will be fully localised for around the globe, with the search company making an effort for the service to be more natural in its voice searches and responses, and generally friendlier and more human seeming.

To achieve this, Google is set to employ semantic search technology (soon to be utilised on its main search page) as has already been reported – but also a predictive element with a personalised twist.

Google is hooking up with a number of prominent sources in the astrological world, so that the virtual assistant Andromeda will deliver recommendations which also incorporate elements of the user’s daily horoscope.

Apparently this is all part of a drive to make Android even more widely popular among the ever-increasing amount of consumers buying smartphones. We can only imagine using Andromeda will be something like this:

User: “Where is the nearest coffee shop?”

Andromeda: “Starbucks, Unit 12, The Westgate Centre. You will meet a tall, dark, stranger there. Probably wearing a white apron and hat. Mercury is in retrograde so don’t order the Mocha Choca Latte with sprinkles.”

UPDATE: Yes, this was our April Fool story yesterday…


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