Steve Jobs “worked closely” on iPhone 5

And the next iPhone is likely to have a 4 inch display?
Darren Allan

May 22, 2012

Apparently the late CEO and leading light of Apple, Steve Jobs, was closely involved with the design of the iPhone 5, which is due out this autumn.

That would make the handset Jobs’s design swansong, as it were. A source who spoke to Bloomberg imparted this particular nugget of information, and as always with these single sources, it isn’t clear exactly how much truth there is to the assertion.

Jobs would obviously have had some input on the next-gen Apple smartphone, but how much, it’s not clear if we can ever be certain.

The Bloomberg piece also cites a source who said that Cupertino is already placing orders for displays bigger than 3.5 inches for its iPhone 5.

The fact that Apple is set to increase the size of the smartphone’s screen has long been rumoured, and indeed this makes sense given the likes of the almost 5 inch top-end Android handsets which are now out. These are starting to make the iPhone’s display appear on the small side.

The latest speculation on the grapevine is that Apple is set to move to a 4 inch display, and we’d imagine this would probably be about right. Past rumours have suggested it could be a 4.6 inch display, though, and also that it could be OLED for that matter.

All of this is speculation, of course, but as the summer beckons, it won’t be long before some more concrete details emerge regarding the iPhone 5’s display, and other innovations.


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