Gary McKinnon wins extradition battle

Following years of delays and near-decisions
Darren Allan

October 16, 2012

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon won’t be extradited to the US, the Home Secretary Theresa May has decided.

You’ve probably heard of McKinnon, even though his case has been out of the media limelight for some time now. He’s the man who allegedly hacked US military computers, and was due to be extradited to face a potential 60 year jail term in the States.

McKinnon has always claimed he was just looking for information on UFOs, rather than trying to make off with state secrets.

As long as two years ago, his legal defence was arguing that his fragile state of mental health meant he was very likely to attempt suicide if extradited to the US, facing such a massive potential jail term.

And it seems Theresa May agrees that McKinnon is “seriously ill,” and that the extradition order against him should be withdrawn, the Independent reports.

Whether this decision will have any fallout from the States in terms of US-UK relations, we shall have to see. But it certainly seems as if May has made the right decision in this case.

Now the question is whether he will face a trial in the UK.


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