11% of Brits want a smart TV

One in ten to purchase a net-connected set in 2013
Adam Smith

November 15, 2012
Samsung Smart TV

New research from YouGov has revealed that 11 per cent of the UK adults it polled want to buy a smart TV in 2013.

That’s something of a low figure, really, given the hype that analyst firms have been drumming up about how big smart TVs are going to get over 2012/2013.

While not a trivial figure, only one in ten people isn’t exactly a huge amount of adoption.

That said, YouGov reckons that currently 55 per cent of Brits do have their TV set hooked up to the net in some way – which is representative of considerable interest, and could still mean increased smart TV sales down the line.

Cheap pricing will be key, unsurprisingly, in these tough economic times. The study found that on average, the amount a consumer wants to pay for a 32 inch smart set is £440, and £550 for a 42 inch smart TV.

YouGov’s estimations pin smart TV sales at some £2.5 billion over the coming year.

YouGov Media Consulting Director Dan Brilot said: “The good news for Smart TV manufacturers is that there is a huge appetite for accessing internet services on TV sets, whether that be on demand TV, radio, news apps, or video calling services like Skype. The bad news is that there are a lot of competing technologies out there that can be confusing to the consumer.”

“However, our research indicates that the Smart TV industry is starting to do a better job at communicating why their ‘cutting out the middleman’ device is the best choice in such a fractured market.”

On the subject of pricing, he added: “The message for manufacturers and retailers is clear: If they can set the right price the revenue potential in the short and mid-term from Smart TVs is huge, particularly as we enter the Christmas shopping period. The other big advantage consumers should be made aware of is the potential for new apps. People love getting new apps for their smartphones, so they need to know that they can also continually load new apps onto their Smart TV.”


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