Yahoo revamps email, adds new apps

Apps for iOS and Windows 8, along with an improved Android app
Adam Smith

December 11, 2012

Yahoo has given its webmail system a redesign, and brought out new apps for iOS and Windows 8, along with an upgraded Android app.

The basic premise, Yahoo notes, is to bring email “back to its roots,” losing the many features that some webmail systems carry in favour of a simple, user-friendly approach – and more streamlined, faster loading experience.

That’s the theory, anyway.

On the speed front, Yahoo boasts that its native apps have been built for speed, and have an “infinite scroll” feature that lets you quickly and easily retrieve older messages (even those from the previous year).

The webmail client has been tweaked so it’s a bit nippier when it comes to loading and composing messages, too. After a message has been sent, the client now returns you directly to the inbox.

Search has been improved as well, with the webmail client benefiting from an auto-complete system. With the apps, you can now search your entire inbox.

The interface has been streamlined, with the number of buttons confronting you stripped down, and photos and attachments appearing at the top of a message.

Furthermore, some new features have been added, such as the ability to resize a photo from within the Yahoo app, when you’re attaching it to an email.

You can grab the new apps now on the Play, Apple or Windows stores respectively.

Yahoo notes: “We’re committed to bringing email back to its essence. This is just the beginning and we hope you love it. Please continue to help us improve Yahoo Mail by giving us your feedback.”


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